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Majik India

Full Lace Hair System/Hair Toupee


Full lace hair toupee / wigs for men in 100 % natural human hair. The base is made from hand-sewn French Lace which is stitched for better shape, contour and extra durability. To ensure a very natural front hair line, ½” area is bleached.  

 The hair can be styled in Nemours ways, be it curly or wavy, you can achieve any look you want. The Beauty of the product is you can part the topper sideways and backwards as well.    

  • Men's hair is customized and manufactured in a way that it provides uniform ventilation for your comfort  and can be worn on daily basis. 
  • 100% human hair pieces that looks extremely natural and is easy to style.
  • With modern lace technology no one could realize that you are wearing a hairpiece.
  • The toupee has a medium to light density with  5"to 6" hair strand length.
  • Our hot selling is  8"X10"Cap, suits most size of head and you can trim according to your style and  the kind of look you want to achieve . 


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