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Every article you’ll find here has been written with one goal in mind — to put control of your hair back into your hands. Whether you’re investigating the cause of your hair loss or looking for a solution for it, we have done our best to provide you with the information you are seeking. Simply search by keywords or phrases or choose category topics to explore so you can learn how to manage your hair loss or master the art of hair replacement right from the privacy of your own home.

If you ever have trouble finding the information you need, our hair replacement consultants are always available to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction.

Here you’ll find the largest number of articles about hair replacement — ordering, maintenance, hair care, and lifestyle concerns — available in one place on the internet, written expressly for you by professionals who actually wear hair.


Preparing to Wear Hair

Here we share what it’s really like to live in a hair system, and how it affects your life on a  daily basis. We cover concerns for men and women who are looking for honest information about wearing hair, and answer frequently asked questions.

Making the Commitment

Understanding Your Options

Setting Expectations

Custom Hair Systems

A lot of details go into making a custom hair system work perfectly for you. Here you’ll learn how to prepare before you place your first order, and understand the many unique nuances that  go into all facets of hair system design.

Ordering for the First Time

Hair Systems Maintenance

Here you’ll learn everything from preparing      your scalp and system for the very first time   (and every time thereafter), to troubleshooting problems that may arise and how to take care    of your hair like a pro.


No matter where you are in your hair replacement journey, there are times you need to troubleshoot an issue. This section guides you through everything from emergency base repair triage to what to bring if you’re packing for a trip.

Hair Care

Hair systems require special hair care. Here  you’ll find everything you need to manage daily hair care and styling, assess product ingredients, and manage bothersome issues, such as frizz, tangling and dry hair.