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  • Quickshop Transform your looks in seconds with our Majik Silk Base Volume Topper.... Compare
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    Silk base volume topper
    Regular price Rs. 31,500.00
  • Quickshop Effortless transformation in seconds with Majik Feather Layered Clip-on Bangs!Feather layered fringe... Compare
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    Feather Layered Fringe
    Regular price Rs. 1,600.00 Rs. 2,000.00 Sale price
  • Premium Italian Silk Wig Premium Italian Silk Wig
    Quickshop One of the best premium wigs to transform your entire look and... Compare
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    Premium Italian Silk Wig
    Regular price Rs. 30,000.00 Rs. 37,500.00 Sale price
  • Quickshop Get instant makeover with Majik Hair messy bun Scrunchie.Now you can add... Compare
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    Festive styling with Scrunchie
    Regular price Rs. 2,000.00
  • Set of 5 Extensions 20" Set of 5 Extensions 20"
    Quickshop Get beautiful layerd long manes effortlessly with our set of 5 extensions. It... Compare
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    Set of 5 Extensions 20"
    Regular price Rs. 8,000.00