October 18, 2019

Hair transplant: facts decoded.

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Hair transplant has been a recent trend nowadays, for almost every person, who has lost their hair before time and also for those who want hair extensions for having a beautiful mane. But are hair transplants safe? Where to head for a hair transplant in Chandigarh? Does hair extensions bring any tissue damage? Let’s go through a few facts.

 Hair transplant or hair extensions is a surgical procedure that includes hair follicles removal from any part of the body such as hand or legs and placing them in that hairless portion.  Some facts each one of us should know before we plan to go for a hair treatment session in Chandigarh. Let’s go through:-

  • The treated hair acts like natural hair only and falls off after a period of 2-4 weeks. Then the regular hair grows in its place.
  • The hair treatment procedure is done with the help of local anaesthesia so that the process is painless, and the person who undergoes a hair transplant in Chandigarh can go back home on the same day
  • Hair transplant is way different from the non-surgical hair restoration
  • Hair transplant doesn’t mean that a person will have a luscious amount of hair after the treatment as the results vary from one person to the other and also depends on the genetic hair structure of the patient.
  • Every case 9f hair loss does not have a solution in hair transplant or hair extension therapy. It depends on various facts and differs in every case.
  • The cost of a hair transplant entirely depends on the number of grafts used and the more grafts the cost will be higher.

These were a few facts and now let me answer the biggest question that is where to head for this treatment in Chandigarh. So you can head toward MAJIK, it is a specialized Center for hair replacement in Chandigarh. They deal in the best quality of hair transplant treatment in Chandigarh. They offer various options such as hair transplants, hair extensions, wigs, and many more. You can go through their website: www.majik.in for the further in detail information regarding their services. All of the services done here are carried on by specialized medical professionals and are done with the most advanced technology available here in India till date.

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