September 30, 2019

Hair transplant – a new technology

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Hair transplant is a new trend nowadays for those who have lost their hair due to various reasons and everyone now wants to know and discover about it. The history of hair transplant was made by Dr. Norman Orentriech in 1952 in New York City. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that includes the removal of hair follicles from any site in the face or hand or legs to the parts which is hairless. Today this process is permanent and they pick up follicular clusters of hair. There is a fact that we must know and that is hair transplant is totally different from the non-surgical hair restoration process.  There are many types of hair transplants available and a person can choose on the basis of his requirements. Some types are mentioned below do check these:-

Hair transplant in Chandigarh
  • Hair weaving – this process means that the procedure is to add hair to cover baldness or adding hairs to the existing natural hairs.
  • Hair extensions – this is the most popular procedure to increase your hair length without any harmful scalp and hair chemicals.
  • Hair wigs – this is obviously to make a wig from hair to cover your baldness and give u a new look.
  • Hair fibers – this is the best-suited procedure to conceal or cover the bald spot or lessen the hair thinning. This makes the hair look luscious and thick instantly.

These are the few types of services which are the most popular nowadays. Now the main question arises is that most of us don’t want to take up a surgical process right! So these services which are mentioned above are non-surgical and these are easily accessible also in the marketplace.

Now, a big question is are these services successful? So the answer to this is that these services are more successful than the over the counter products of hair growth.

Now how to avail this service in India? It is easily available over clinics all over India. Hair transplant in Chandigarh  If you are a resident of Chandigarh and want a hair loss treatment in Chandigarh then you can head towards the best and biggest hair restoration Center in Punjab that is MAJIK. They specialize in hair loss treatment in Chandigarh and hair transplant treatment in Chandigarh. Do visit and solve all your worries related to hair transplants.

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