Recolor is the process by which blond hair is ventilated into the hair system base, then manually processed with darker color, so knots are completely invisible and the hair looks like it is naturally growing from your scalp.

Red liner tape

Red liner tape is a hairpiece tape designed for daily wear. It is also used for specific extended-wear applications, to make cleanup easier.

Ready-to-wear hair system

Any hair system or wig that is pre-made and stored in a warehouse facility, ready to ship upon ordering. It is not a custom product. 

Reinforced sewing lines

In a full lace hair system with no poly perimeter, invisible “sewing lines” are sometimes stitched into the lace to give the base more shape, which allows for easier attachment and positioning.


Hand-tied hairs in lace and monofilament bases have a long end and a short end on either side of the knot. The short end is known as the return. For example, a 16-inch-long hair system might have a 4-inch return.