Color ring

An assortment of human hair swatches in various colors used to choose your overall hair color, as well as colors for highlights and lowlights.


The process by which tape or liquid adhesive adheres to the scalp and becomes more secure.

Custom hair system

A hair system made to order, by hand, to a customer’s exact size, shape, contour, hair length, density, and color specifications.


The act of (or final result of) cutting, styling, and blending a hair system to match a customer’s chosen hairstyle and blend with their growing hair, if applicable.


The rough outer layer of a human hair follicle. It is mostly removed during processing, in order to reduce tangling.


A type of carcinogenic adhesive used for achieving a “hard bond” hair system attachment. Majik does not sell or recommend the use of cyanoacrylates. See “hard bond.”